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lemugrub ([personal profile] lemugrub) wrote2012-04-03 01:26 am


After seeing an announcement on http://hs-olympics.tumblr.com/ that the Homestuck Shipping Olympics are going to begin in May with signups, and that the contest was not being held on LJ this time, but here. So I've made myself a profile now so that I can get plenty accustomed to this site before the contest begins.

I intend to join the same team as last year, Karkat <3 Terezi, and this time, since the event itself is not going to occur during my next semester, I will have all the time I need to contribute submissions for my team! I am a writer, and though I dabble in the nsfw areas, my strength is writing fluff and h/c. I also have an undying love for grubs and will incorporate them into my fics for whatever reason!